Mining and Smelting

The mining and smelting sector of the CAW was built thanks to the merger of several independent and progressive unions over the years. This included CAIMAW in 1992, Mine Mill in 1993, CASAW in 1994, and the Féderation des Syndicats du Secteur Aluminum (FSSA) in 2004. These organizations have a long and proud history of building independent, progressive trade unionism in the mining and smelting industry.

Today the CAW represents over 5,000 members working in mining and smelting. We define the sector to include non-petroleum mining, and aluminum and non-ferrous smelting operations.

About half our members in this sector work in Québec and B.C. for the global giant Rio Tinto, which took over the Canadian firm Alcan in 2007. Just under 1000 members work for Xstrata in Sudbury. A number of smaller mines makes up the rest of our membership in this sector.

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