Health Care

In a few short years, the health care sector of the CAW has become the largest single category in our membership. It is also one of our most dynamic sectors - making progress in new organizing, at the bargaining table, and through political action.

Our health care sector really took off beginning after the Taking Charge organizing campaign in 2000-01, when thousands of health care workers voted to leave their U.S. union and join the CAW. Since then, membership growth has been driven by new organizing and by hiring at existing facilities. Our health care members have incorporated many CAW traditions into their unionism, including pattern bargaining and the development of skilled trades committees.

There are now over 26,000 CAW members working in health care. This includes a strong concentration of workers in long term care facilities - some of which are publicly owned, but many of which are controlled by private firms. Thousands more CAW members work in hospitals and other public health care facilities.

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