Independent Auto Parts

No part of our union has endured a more difficult downsizing in recent years than the independent auto parts sector. Plant closures have devastated our membership numbers - which now total around 16,000 in the sector (down by over half from the turn of the century). And for those members who kept their jobs, the downward pressure on wages and working conditions (in a desperate attempt to prevent more plant closures) has been unprecedented.

Despite the crisis, however, the CAW has preserved a critical mass of union density in this sector, and our members continue fighting to preserve labour standards across the sector. Close to half of all auto parts workers are unionized (in the CAW and a few other unions). Our members work in a wide range of different sub-sectors, including seating, modules and sub-assemblies, exhaust systems, and electronics. Canadian auto parts giant Magna International survived the downturn relatively well, and is now the largest CAW-represented employer in this sector.

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