Official name:

National Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation and General Workers Union of Canada

Founding year:

1985 (formerly United Auto Workers - Canada)

First Merger:

Canadian Air Line Employees Association (CALEA) - July 1, 1985 (4,100 members)

Most Recent Merger:

Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses (cols bleus et ols blanc) de la Mine Niobec - March 4,2008 (225 members)

Mergers (see complete mergers list):


Total members brought in through mergers: 145,549

Active members:


Number of Local Unions (visit CAW local union websites):


Number of units:


Membership Breakdown by Economic Sector:

Major Auto (13%) Auto Parts (11%) Health Care & Social Services (9%) General Manufacturing (9%) Retail & Wholesale (9%) Hospitality & Gaming (7%) Road Transportation (6%) Air Transportation (5%) Aerospace (4%) Rail Transportation (4%) Food & Beverage (4%) Truck and Bus (4%) Fisheries (3%) Mining & Smelting (3%) Education (2%) Vehicle Servicing (2%) Electrical (2%) Shipbuilding (1%) Other Services (1%)

Membership Breakdown by Geographic Region:

Ontario (62%)
Quebec (9%)
Western Canada (12.2%)
Eastern Canada (9.1%)
Territories (0.1%)
National (8%)

In the CAW:

. Women represent nearly 30 per cent of the total membership;
. Over 27,000 members are skilled trades workers;
. Members are organized into 254 local unions and over 1,600 bargaining units.

Every year the CAW:

. Negotiates more than 500 collective agreements;
. Puts more than 1,500 members through various educational programs;
. Organizes an average of more than 4,000 new members;
. Holds at least three broad-based leadership meetings, typically involving more than a thousand members.

Current CAW Administration:

National President - Ken Lewenza (read bio)
National Secretary-Treasurer - Peter Kennedy (
read bio)
Quebec Director - Sylvain Martin(
read bio)

National Leadership (Historical Timeline):

Ken Lewenza, CAW National President
Buzz Hargrove, CAW National President
Bob White, UAW-Canada Director/CAW National President
Dennis McDermott, UAW-Canada Director
George Burt UAW-Canada Directer
Charles Millard, UAW-Canada Director

National Secretary-Treasurer (Historical Timeline):

Peter Kennedy, CAW National Secretary-Treasurer
Jim O'Neil, CAW National Secretary-Treasurer
Robert Nickerson, CAW National Secretary-Treasurer

Quebec Directors (Historical Timeline):

Sylvain Martin, CAW Quebec Director
(2012 - present)
Jean-Pierre Fortin, CAW Quebec Director
Luc Desnoyers, CAW Quebec Director
Claude Ducharme, UAW-Canada Quebec Director/CAW Quebec Director
Robert Dean, UAW-Canada Quebec Director