CAW Pursues Back Wages for La Chaumiere Retirement Home Workers

March 4, 2011, 11:05 AM EST

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A group of 38 workers at the La Chaumiere Retirement Residence in Lakeshore, Ontario will receive a portion of the back wages they are owed today after the CAW took action through arbitration and in the courts to ensure they are paid.

After court proceedings earlier this week, the Sheriff of Essex County released some of the money owed workers, which is to be given to the workers at 11 a.m. Friday, March 4. They are members of CAW Local 2458, who care for 59 vulnerable seniors at the Windsor area facility.

"This is a significant victory for these workers and their families," said CAW President Ken Lewenza. "However these workers are still owed four weeks of back pay. This remains an outrageous and unprecedented situation."

"This is a prime example of retirement homes not being properly regulated in Ontario," said Bruce Dickie, president of CAW Local 2458. "The Ontario government must join with the CAW in demanding that this employer live up to all its obligations to these workers and the residents of this facility."

"Although this is a victory, the workers have gone through a terrible struggle to get their wages back from this employer," Lewenza stressed. "There can be no question that the retirement homes in Ontario's system must be regulated so that this unprecedented situation never happens again to workers and their families."

"We still have a fight ahead of us and we now must go back to the arbitrator and the courts to retrieve over four weeks of unpaid wages," Lewenza said. 

Lewenza and Dickie will meet with the workers at 11 a.m. today at the home.

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