International Repetitive Strain Injury Day

February 28, 2013

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Each year, the last day of February marks International Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day. CAW members have an important role to play in putting pressure on the government to stop these devastating yet preventable injuries.

RSIs continue to be the number one injury among workers across the country. These injuries have a devastating effect on the workers who suffer from them and it ends up costing us all. Yet in many provinces, there is no specific legislation to compel employers to prevent RSIs.

According to Statistics Canada, 2.3 million Canadian adults annually experience an RSI serious enough to limit their normal activities. The majority of these injuries are caused by work-related activity. Beyond the social, emotional and economic costs to affected individuals are the economic costs to us all. RSIs cost Canadians upwards of $26 billion dollars annually. Much of this cost is born, not by employers who operate unsafe workplaces, but by Canadians through our public health care system and income assistance programs.

Be sure to participate in your community activities. Contact your local Labour Council for more information, or contact Sari Sairanen, CAW National Health & Safety and Environment Department Director at

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