Global Action in Support of Mexican Workers

February 9, 2011, 2:05 PM EST

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International labour federations are calling for global days of action in support of Mexican workers, who are being persecuted by multinational corporations and their own government. 

Four global labour federations IMF, ICEM, ITF and UNI are calling for February 14-19 to be the week of action in support of Mexican workers.  Actions will be taking place among affiliate unions around the world, including in Canadian cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. CAW members are encouraged to participate.

Over the last five years, the many examples of violent attacks targeting Mexican workers and union members have mounted dramatically. One of the most egregious cases occurred in February 2006, when a fire exploded Grupo México's Pasta de Conchos coal mine, triggering a massive cave in, trapping 65 miners hundreds of meters below the earth.

Rescue efforts were stopped after only five days, when families were only a few metres away from their trapped loved ones. When Grupo México and the Mexican government halted rescue efforts they disconnected the electricity making any continuation of the search impossible.

Violent and illegal attacks against Mexican union members and those organizing to unionize have become increasingly common, even amongst those corporations that operate in Canada, such as Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI).

For more information on the global days of action, please visit:

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