CAW Demands Job Guarantees in F-35 Aircraft Procurement

December 2, 2010, 10:57 AM EST

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In a presentation to the Standing Committee on National Defense regarding the proposed F-35 procurement, the CAW is calling on the government to include Canadian job guarantees with any possible investment of public funds.

Jerry Dias, assistant to the CAW National President, made the following points:

. Federal dollars should be used to leverage jobs in Canada;

. Government should use its power to mandate defined levels of domestic content or Industrial Regional Benefits;

. Canadian firms are competitive, but should also benefit from government support through public procurement contracts, similar to the approach of many other industrialized nations;

. The government should establish a Canadian Aerospace Development Council involving all stakeholders to design and implement a new aerospace strategy for Canada.

Dias said Canada must work hard to build and maintain a world-class aerospace industry by ensuring Canadian tax dollars support aerospace investment and jobs in Canada. He said plans to spend an estimated $16 billion of Canadian public dollars on the F-35 program must include investment requirements.

"Those dollars should require guaranteed investment and jobs in Canada of equivalent value: a dollar for a dollar. Canadian workers should not be asked to just sit back and hope that Lockheed Martin will send contracts to Canada out of the goodness of its heart," Dias said in his written statement.

CAW Local 112 President Roland Kiehne said that at a time when so many Canadians are looking for work, "the Conservative government must ensure that when Canadian aerospace firms are awarded off-sets on the F-35 that those companies keep the jobs in Canada and not contract them offshore."

CAW National Aerospace Director Dawn Cartwright said "this intended purchase, represents another example of our government's failure to prioritize guarantees of work."

The CAW represents approximately 10,000 aerospace workers across the country at Pratt & Whitney, Bombardier, Boeing of Canada and a number of other companies.

To read CAW's full F-35 Aircraft Procurement submission, please visit:



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