Building Union Strength in the Aerospace Sector

October 14, 2010, 3:14 PM EST

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The recent International Metalworkers Federation Conference in Seattle brought together unions, including the CAW, that represent aerospace workers in 13 countries as they seek ways to counterbalance the globalized companies that increasingly dominate the industry.

"I was inspired by the determination of the world's aerospace workers leadership and our collective resolve to globally fight outsourcing and precarious work," said CAW Local 112 President Roland Kiehne, who attended the conference representing workers at Bombardier/de Havilland in Toronto.

Conference delegates discussed the increasing challenges facing organized  workers in the aerospace sector as the number of nations competing for production and development of aerospace work and the technologies associated with that now include countries like China and India. 
"This further highlights the need for our country to develop and establish a sectoral strategy that ensures we continue to maintain and provide for the future development of Aerospace technologies and its associated production on which thousands of our members depend," said CAW Aerospace Director Dawn Cartwright.
During the October 6 to 7 conference, participants agreed on a number of actions that unions must undertake when dealing with transnational corporations including the need to develop trade union networks in these companies and across their supply chains.

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