Auto Parts Workers United!

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October 27th Day of Action, Workplace Rallies

The auto parts industry has been hard hit by the recent crisis in the North American auto industry and auto parts workers are drawing a line. Enough is Enough.


Auto Parts Workers United

The auto parts industry has been hard hit by unmanaged trade, the high Canadian dollar, too many imports, and most recently, the global financial crisis and recession, which continues to hammer Canada's manufacturing sector.

Parts companies, auto executives, right-wing governments and business commentators continue to call for workers to give up more and more. Yet parts workers didn't cause these problems and there is no way that cutting our wages and pensions, adopting two-tier wage structures and outsourcing our work will ever solve them.

Say no to wage cuts, cuts to pension and two-tier agreements. It's time to stand up together and defend jobs in the auto parts sector and to resist employer takeaways.

Auto Parts Workers United: October 27th Day of Action Workplace Rallies were held at parts plants in southern Ontario.

Follow the links below for further information on the October 27th rally and other actions to protect auto parts jobs and build the parts industry in Canada.