Support Your Local United Way Campaign

October 4, 2010, 12:00 PM EST

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CAW members are being urged to support local United Way campaigns as fundraising drives move ahead this fall.

CAW President Ken Lewenza is urging all CAW members to help by providing financial support and to volunteer whenever possible.

"We know all too well, the negative impact the ongoing erosion of the manufacturing base is going to have on all our communities," Lewenza states in a letter to local union leadership. "In many cases it will mean that our members, who in the past have been such strong supporters of their local United Way Campaigns, will now be looking to United Way agencies for support."

Lewenza stressed that support for the United Way is critical to ensuring numerous community agencies who depend on the United Way survive.

He cautioned that no one is immune and even if not impacted directly by the downturn there is widespread social damage caused on daily basis.

"Increasing poverty, particularly among the youngest and oldest in society, is but one manifestation of this need. The lack of affordable housing and the ensuing crisis of homelessness is another. What is not so obvious perhaps are the other symptoms: violence, alienation, substance abuse, neglect, etc," Lewenza said.

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