Putting the Brakes on a Harper Majority in Quebec

August 27, 2010, 3:44 PM EST

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Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe blasted the hard right policy direction of the Stephen Harper Conservatives and stressed the important role his party has played in stopping Harper from gaining a majority.

Duceppe said Quebec and the Bloc Quebecois (BQ) has steadfastly refused to support Harper and his agenda of tax cuts, building prisons, opposing effective climate change solutions, and a foreign policy of confrontation and brutal force, among so many other right wing attacks his government is making on a progressive vision for society. 

"Still Quebec must suffer the Jurassic type decisions of the Harper government," Duceppe said. The BQ captured 49 seats in the last election, effectively preventing Harper from gaining a majority of seats in Parliament.

Duceppe praised the CAW/TCA for its long-standing policy of autonomy for its Quebec wing and for an approach that allows its Canadian and Quebec wings to work closely together to make progress for working people.

Duceppe outlined the results of a recent survey however that show most Canadians oppose changes in federalism to accommodate the aspirations of many Quebecers for improved rights and status.

He outlined his party's backing for the federal government's recent financial support for the auto industry and asked why there hasn't been similar support for forestry and aerospace workers in Quebec.

Quebec has a long history of progressive legislation including anti-scab laws, which the BQ also wants implemented in the federal sector.

He slammed the right wing policies of the Harper government such as the ludicrous claims by federal minister Stockwell Day that Canada needs more prisons to house those who have committed "undeclared crimes" at a time when every study shows that overall crime rates are decreasing.

He said the BQ is the only party that can stop Harper from gaining a majority and enacting more and more right wing and reactionary decisions such as this in the next election.

"This is a good thing for Quebec and a service for all of Canada."

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