Windsor Built Engine Slated for Popular Ford F-150 Truck

August 13, 2010, 11:40 AM EST

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News that the five-litre engine, built at the Essex Engine plant in Windsor, will be offered in Ford's F-150 pick up truck is great news for the membership, the community and CAW Local 200, CAW President Ken Lewenza says.

"Windsor has been devastated by manufacturing job loss so this announcement is tremendously important to our members, the local and the entire community," Lewenza said. "This good news means greater job security for our members and is the result of a lot of hard work by the union, working along with Ford and the government.

Ford announced August 11 that the workhorse engine for the F-150 truck will be the five-litre V8 engine produced at Windsor's Essex Engine Plant. Production will increase in the fall so that the engine will be a feature of the 2011 model truck.

CAW Local 200 President Dan Cassady said the announcement helps solidify the future of the Essex Engine Plant, and maintain the manufacturing job base and associated spin off jobs, which in turn benefit the local community.

"CAW Local 200 will continue to search for creative solutions in order to fully utilize our Ford facilities in Windsor," Cassady said.

Ford plans to add 140 workers at the Essex Engine Plant in November to handle the ramping up of engine production. Across Ford's Windsor engine complex there are currently 832 people on layoff.

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