Port Elgin Programs - Funding (including 50/50)


Courses offered at our Education Centre are funded through the Paid Education Leave Program (PEL).  PEL programs are paid for by employers (negotiated contributions), but written and delivered by the union.  There is no personal cost for attending our programs.  All costs (including travel, accommodation, and a maximum of 40 hours wages) are paid for by local unit PEL funds. Locals can also access the 50/50 program to send participants to Port Elgin.

What is the 50/50 program?

Locals who do not have a Paid Education Leave Fund (PEL) or have spent their PEL Fund, have always been able to send participants to Port Elgin programs using their local dues. Under our constitution, Local Unions are to set aside 10 cents per member per month for an education fund.  This is often the money that is used by the Locals.  The National union started the 50/50 program to make this even easier.  Under this program costs are split 50/50 with the local.

What programs are covered?

All Paid Education Leave programs at Port Elgin are covered including the four-week core program and one-week programs.

What costs are covered?

All costs that would normally be covered under the PEL program:  room and board, lost wages (up to 40 hours), mileage (if the participant drives to the program) per diem, and child care subsidy if applicable.  For those who fly, costs involved in travel are also split (e.g. flights, mileage to/from the airport, taxi to/from the airport, airport parking).  All of these are covered in accordance with the PEL by-laws.

How is the 50/50 administered?

Locals register the participants in a Port Elgin program using the regular application form.  They circle that they are using the 50/50 option at the top of the form.  Locals pay lost wages, mileage, per diem and child care subsidy (if applicable) directly to the participant.  Locals pay room and board costs directly to the CAW Family Education Centre, Port Elgin.  Once the participant has completed the course, the Local sends the invoice and appropriate proof of claims to Port Elgin and the Local will be reimbursed for 50% of the allowable costs above.

How will I remember all of that?

A pamphlet explaining all of this will be sent out to the Local once you've registered your participant.

If you have any other questions about the program please contact Lisa Kelly, Director of Education at lisa.kelly@caw.ca, or 1-800-268-5763.