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The CAW is Canada's LARGEST Gaming Workers Union, and Growing!

Every gambler knows the rule "the house always wins." No one knows that better than non-unionized workers in the gaming industry.

That's why over 8000 gaming workers have decided to tilt the odds in their favour and join the CAW.

We are making the breakthroughs needed for gaming sector workers and their families. Issues such as REAL job security, a pension you can bank on, benefits that continue when you retire, legally enforceable rights, real opportunities to maintain and create full time jobs and the ability to ensure that all workers receive equal pay and benefits for equal work. These are just some of the items that we are fighting for in the gaming sector.

By joining the CAW today, the rights and working conditions of gaming employees can be protected and advanced.

The CAW is a progressive and influential union in Canada. We are the largest private sector union in the country. No other union can match our public profile, our democratic internal structures, or our effectiveness at helping our members fight for and win better conditions and job security.

We invite you to discover the difference we can make for you.

We currently represent workers at:

Casino Brantford
Ceasars Windsor
Slots at Sudbury Downs
Great Blue Heron Charity Casino
Edgewater Casino
Classic Bingo Country Inc.
Chilliwack Bingo
Woodbine Racetrack
Woodbine Security 
OLG Mohawk Securty
Manitoba Lottery Corporation

Learn more about the CAW & Gaming Sector
CAW & Human Rights

Unions emerged not only to collectively protect workers from the arbitrary use of power by employers and governments, but also to create a culture of equality and dignity for all members. Solidarity is as important in the end as gaining higher wages and better working conditions. Human rights work within the unions is not an "addition" to trade union work; it is at the core of our philosophy and approach to trade unionism.

CAW & Health, Safety & Environment

Workers have the fundamental right to work in healthy and safe workplaces. This means, at the very least, workplaces free from harm. More though, workers are entitled to workplaces that foster the development of physical, psychological and social well-being.

CAW & Women's Issues

The Women's Department of the National Union has a rich history in our struggle for women's greater equality in the workplace, the community, and within the union itself. The department develops women leadership through our Women Activists Program, an annual Women's Conference, and CAW Women's Committees and Networks that organize around common issues and fight for change. Mobilizing CAW women on equality issues and other union priorities strengthens the connection of women to the union, which means building a stronger movement as we fight for all members' rights.

CAW & Education

The CAW prides itself on its commitment to educating our membership. We offer a wide range of programs to our membership who can attend regional schools or our state-of-the-art Family Education Center in Port Elgin, Ontario. Check out what we have to offer at:

CAW & Democracy

CAW prides itself on our democratic principles. No other organization can lay claim to a more open, transparent and accountable democratic structure. Your voice is heard in the CAW and your opinion is respected. If democracy is important to you, join CAW. To find our more and to download the CAW constitution click here:

To Find Out More About the CAW:

If you have any questions or comments regarding the CAW, please contact the Organizing Department at 1-877-495-6551, or