Workers Must Join Together to Take on the Harper Agenda, PSAC Urges

April 12, 2010, 8:47 AM EST

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Public and private sector workers must join together to defeat the anti-worker agenda of the Stephen Harper Conservatives, Public Service Alliance of Canada President John Gordon says.

Gordon, president of the 172,000 member PSAC, told CAW Council delegates that many of the fights his members are struggling to overcome are the same as those facing CAW members.

Employers, whether they are private corporations or governments, are using the current economic crisis to attack workers' wages, pensions, benefits and workplace rights, Gordon said.

"Workers are being scapegoated during this economic crisis," Gordon said. He said the worldwide economic crisis has meant rising unemployment, poverty, racism and xenophobia. "But this crisis was precipitated by the greed and incompetence in the financial sector."

Instead of tackling the real issues that created the crisis such as the need to strengthen regulations governing financial institutions, the government and private sector employers have learned no lessons and are intent on attacking workers, he said. He cautioned that the federal government and media are promoting deficit hysteria and are pushing to have cuts in public services and the sale of public assets as the only solutions to the crisis.

Gordon urged investment, not cuts; public need, not corporate greed; and he called for Made in Canada solutions that benefit all working people and families in Canada. "No one should be left standing alone. Your fight is our fight."

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