Protesters Take over N.S. Government Office to Save Ferry

February 4, 2010, 1:50 PM EST

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Demonstrators took over a Nova Scotia government office on February 4 following a spirited rally calling on the Nova Scotia government to reverse its decision to end the high-speed ferry service between Yarmouth, N.S., Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine.

The group of approximately 250 people, including CAW members and staff, eventually left the building peacefully.

Politicians of all stripes, except for the NDP, attended the rally outside and spoke in favour of keeping the ferry service, including Yarmouth Mayor Phil Mooney. CAW President Ken Lewenza also spoke at the rally and pressed the need to reverse the decision which was made suddenly and without consultation.

"The short-term and long-term effects of this decision are devastating to every industry -from tourism to shipbuilding," said Lewenza.  The end of the ferry service means a loss of 100 direct jobs and 500-600 spin-off jobs. Lewenza said that the Yarmouth to Maine route is the only crossing that isn't supported by the federal government and this situation must be fixed for the long term viability of the communities that rely on the ferry service."

To hear more about why Nova Scotians need the Yarmouth ferry, please visit:


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