Nash Gets Nomination for Parkdale-High Park

February 4, 2010, 11:30 AM EST

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Hundreds of supporters of Peggy Nash crowded into a Toronto high school auditorium to nominate her as the NDP federal candidate for the Parkdale-High Park riding, the riding she represented as a Member of Parliament from 2006-2008. 

"This country needs her leadership in the House," said NDP Leader Jack Layton at the January 28 meeting. "Peggy was raising the crisis in manufacturing in the House three years ago.  This was at a time when MPs were derided by the Conservative government for speaking up on behalf of those who were losing their jobs. She was pushing for a manufacturing strategy, a green manufacturing strategy." Layton said that had the government heeded Nash's advice then, our economy would be in much better shape today.

Although there is no election on the horizon, Layton pledged that getting Nash elected would be a priority for the party. The incumbent is Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy, a one time party leader candidate and former Ontario MPP, about whom residents complained about having not seen since the last election.

Nash, a lifelong resident of Parkdale-High Park and community activist, was lauded for her commitment to social justice issues working hard with groups ranging from Students for a Free Tibet to Equal Voice and various environmental organizations.

In her nomination acceptance speech Nash spoke about her deep shame, shared by many Canadians, at how our country has fallen in the eyes of the world during the tenure of Stephen Harper. "I was deeply embarrassed and infuriated that our country was voted the most notorious fossil during the Copenhagen UN climate change negotiations," said Nash. 

Nash also talked about the necessity of breaking through the cynicism many Canadians feel about politics and our government to create a real democracy of local and national engagement. "Let's work together to create a new democracy where your MP is the voice of the community, for the community!"


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