Settlement at Aradco, Aramco Plants in Windsor

January 22, 2010, 3:57 PM EST

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Former workers at Aradco and Aramco, two auto parts suppliers in Windsor that closed last year, will share a further $225,000 under a settlement announced January 22.

CAW Local 195 President Gerry Farnham outlined terms of the settlement reached between CAW Local 195, company owners Catalina Inc., and Comerica Bank to 80 former employees.

Farnham said it was the best agreement possible under the circumstances. The workers will receive potential proceeds from an upcoming court case after Catalina filed a complaint against Chrysler Corp. for termination of its parts supplier contract.

"Fighting back does make a difference," said Farnham. "These workers started out with nothing on the day the plants were closed and they launched a fightback that resulted in $625,000 coming to them. In addition, if they are successful in court they will receive further funds," he said.

When the plants abruptly shut down last March, workers were owed about $2.4 million in severance, termination and vacation pay. Workers occupied the Aradco plant and left after receiving some funding from Chrysler. They also later blockaded both plants to stop equipment from being moved and to delay an auction of company equipment.

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