CAW Strives to Raise $250,000 for Haitian Earthquake Relief

January 14, 2010, 1:55 PM EST

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CAW President Ken Lewenza has issued an urgent call to all CAW local unions, staff and co-ordinators to donate to the union's Social Justice Fund Haiti Relief Fund, set up on January 13 to respond to the devastation wrought by the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The union is striving to raise $250,000 with the hope of triggering maximum contributory funds from the federal government, Lewenza said. This would mean a larger donation, which could go a long way to ease suffering in the aftermath of the quake.

In a January 13 letter to local unions across the country, Lewenza said that the CAW has a long history of working with Haiti and the Haitian people through projects of the Social Justice Fund and the Quebec Federation of Labour.

"We want to express our profound condolences to those affected and their families," wrote Lewenza. "We pledge to help those in Haiti who are in need."

Specific projects and aid agencies the fund will support will be determined shortly.


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