Transport Minister's Turn to Fly it Right

January 13, 2010, 3:18 PM EST

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After months of work on the Air Canada Fly it Right campaign, top CAW officials met with federal Minister of Transport John Baird in Ottawa to present him with more than 2000 petitions signed by CAW members at Air Canada and Air Canada retirees.

The January 5 meeting was attended by CAW President Ken Lewenza, Assistant to the President Peggy Nash, CAW Local 2002 President Leslie Dias, CAW National Representative Carlos Levore and a number of the 2002 executive.

 "We made it clear that our membership want and deserve a flag carrier they can depend on to provide stable employment and long term job security," said Dias, after the meeting.  "The Minister said that he wants to see Air Canada return to stability and better health. Our recommendations are clear and attainable steps which will make that a reality."

The CAW spoke to Baird about the urgent need to re-regulate the airline industry and to get our national carrier, Air Canada, back on track. The brief presented to Baird outlined a number of key recommendations that would help manage the industry in a more sustainable fashion.

These include:
. Introducing regulatory limits to manage overall capacity growth and executive compensation;
. Public investment into Air Canada to stabilize the national carrier;
. National commitment to retirement security (across all industries);
. Creating a tripartite taskforce on the airline industry, including labour, government and business participation to develop long term solutions and viable industrial policies for the airlines;
. Addressing trade imbalance in air travel with better reciprocity in bilateral air negotiations.


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