Save the National Gun Registry!

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Recent News: NDP launches ad campaign highlighting dangers of killing the long-gun registry 
Recent News: Harper Government Introduces Bill to Kill Long-Gun Registry, Destroy Records

On May 2 federal Conservatives won the majority of seats in Canada's House of Commons.  Progressive-minded Canadians - who still represent the majority of our population - consistently do not support the economic and political agenda of the Stephen Harper government. That includes his persistent efforts to kill Canada's important long gun registry.

Harper has made it clear the registry will be eliminated under his majority rule. Legislation is expected to be introduced when the House of Commons sits - likely in the fall.

Over the summer, our union will be taking action - along with the Coalition for Gun Control and other allies. It's the second phase of our national Save the Long-Gun Registry campaign.

We will strategically target Conservative MPs that are most vulnerable to public pressure on gun control. Our campaign message is clear: a vote to scrap the registry is a vote to stop their re-election.

*Campaign events have already taken place. Follow this link to view photos and videos!

Members are encouraged to organize a community lobby with your MP, or even a fun community flash mob that will get our campaign message out.

Do you want to get involved?

Email your MP - Tell them to say no to Bill C-19 and keep Canada's national long-gun registry

Here's a list of other useful material for download. If you want to connect to an existing community action, or to simply find out more about the effort, please contact the CAW Political Action Department / 1-800-268-5763 ext. 8493 or the CAW Women's Department /1-800-265-1891.

Letter from CAW President Ken Lewenza to CAW local unions

Timeline of CAW support for Canadian gun control (1989-2001)

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Get Active!

CAW Members Take Action: Photo Slideshow


CAW Members Take Action: Videos

Watch the CAW Windsor-area flash mob video here

Finished your Save the Gun Registry campaign actions?

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