Public Sector Jobs are Not For Sale

December 8, 2009, 12:58 PM EST

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Delegates to CAW Council, many representing public sector workers across the country, urged support for good public service jobs in every region and community in the country.

"Mounting government deficits caused by a decline in good paying jobs have resulted in an increased demand for public services but with few funds to pay for them," said CAW Local 2301 President Gary Warren. "As the threat of privatization looms we must remind our elected leaders that public services are not for sale."

Delegates from British Columbia highlighted the challenging bargaining environment public sector workers face as the province posts major public financial deficits and gears up for the Olympic Games in February.

CAW Local 2200 President Joe Elworthy criticized the Campbell government in B.C. for suggesting there are few funds available to workers, while opening their pockets to fund major building and promotional projects for the Olympics. Local 2200, represents workers at the Coast Mountain Bus company in the Metro Vancouver Area. 

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