Bud Jimmerfied Award: Gord Piper CAW Local 114

December 5, 2009, 4:11 PM EST

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CAW Local 114 Vice President Gord Piper is the winner of the annual Bud Jimmerfield Award for health, safety, environment and workers' compensation activism.

The award is made each year at the CAW Council meeting in December.

Gord Piper is a driver at FastFrate in Vancouver, British Columbia and has been actively involved with his local union for the last 29 years, taking on health and safety issues and workers' compensation issues.

CAW Health and Safety and Environment Director Sari Sairanen said Gord Piper is a selfless advocate on behalf of workers.

"There is not a local in British Columbia untouched by Gord's work on health and safety and workers compensation," Sairanen said.

Piper told CAW Council delegates it is a great honour to receive the award, thanking those who nominated him.

He said he worked briefly with Bud Jimmerfield on health and safety issues in the early 1990s and was greatly impressed with Bud's dedication to the cause of workers health and safety.

Piper said it was a tremendous honour to work on behalf of CAW members who seek help, adding that these members always teach so much more than he could ever learn from any course.

At the CAW Council meeting in December of 1997 a moving address by CAW Local 89 President Bud Jimmerfield was given. Bud had only a couple of months to live.
He had contracted cancer of the esophagus from exposure to metalworking fluids during 30 years of work at an automotive parts plant. Bud, along with his wife Diane and his eight children, urged council delegates to not mourn his death, but fight for the living. He asked all to do their best to prevent future occupational diseases, death and injuries.

CAW Council established the annual Bud Jimmerfield Award to recognize the contribution of an outstanding CAW Health, Safety, Environment or Workers' Compensation activist.

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