Voices from the Economic Crisis

November 5, 2009, 9:16 AM EST

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Voices from the Economic Crisis

Across Canada CAW members are facing incredible challenges through this economic crisis. CAW members across the country are invited to share their experiences through works of art that will be displayed at the upcoming CAW Council in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday December 5, 2009.

Art pieces can include photographs, sculptures, prints, poetry and other works produced by CAW members. The display will go on to be part of the 2010 Toronto Mayworks Festival for Working People and the Arts in May 2010.

If you or a CAW member you know would like to submit a work for display please contact Robin Fairchild Clennell (robin.fairchild@caw.ca or 1-800-268-5763 xt 3780) or Kim Yardy (kim.yardy@caw.ca or 1-800-268-5763 xt 6550).

Deadline for submissions is November 27. Don't miss the opportunity!

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