Labour-Sponsored Health and Safety Monument to go up in Saint John

October 23, 2009, 10:37 AM EST

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The labour community in Saint John, New Brunswick has banded together to help create an original monument honouring workers killed or injured on the job and to promote health and safety issues.

A miniature version of the monument was unveiled at a ceremony on October 21 in Saint John. The monument will go up in 2011 and will be constructed by local artisans.

The statue will consist of four workers lifting a beam, two of which are ghost-like figures representing workers who have been killed on the job, the third is a woman standing on a crate, symbolizing the unsafe conditions many workers face and the last figure is a man struggling to hold the beam in the air, depicting the efforts of working people that went into building the city of Saint John. On the end of the beam is a canary representing the Day of Mourning, with a light inside of it which will shine over the water.

The monument will be located at the W. Frank Hatheway Labour Exhibit Centre in Rockwood Park. The expected cost of the project is $300,000, with $257,800 pledged so far, including contributions from the CAW and a number of other labour organizations across the province.


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