Fixing Ontario's Health Ministry

October 20, 2009, 12:06 PM EST

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The following are excerpts from Ontario Health Coalition Director Natalie Mehra's recent article on 'What's Wrong with Ontario's Health Ministry and How to Fix It.'

"Health Minister David Caplan's resignation is the right thing in the wake of scathing Provincial Auditor's reports and repeated exorbitant salary revelations at the Ministry of Health."

".it is vital that the Premier and new Health Minister understand that to fix this situation means to soberly assess the extent of the Ministry's disregard for public accountability and to take stock of the distance their government's health policy has moved away from the values and priorities of Ontarians."

"The Premier needs to embrace the recommendations of the Provincial Auditor, of course, but he and the new health minister will need to do much more to restore public confidence. We need new rules requiring public disclosure at the ministry and in our health institutions (including private contracts paid by public monies); more robust oversight and appeal; real whistle-blower protection; a ban on gag-clauses in employee contracts; a reinstitution of proper parliamentary processes and the fresh air of democratic debate and meaningful public input into policy changes that affect our lives and our access to care."

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