CAW Members Take Part in Etobicoke Creek Clean-Up

October 2, 2009, 10:56 AM EST

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A small but determined group of volunteers including a number of CAW Local 1285 members took part September 26 along Etobicoke Creek in the TD Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up.

Forty volunteers were on hand to remove, as much as possible, the footprint of man from the creek, its banks and the surrounding wetlands.

Two municipal trucks winched old sofas from a bend at the center of the creek and many shopping carts and household furnishings followed.

Volunteers were surprised by the number of neatly tied plastic shopping bags scattered along the banks and nearby walking paths containing gifts from mans best friend, as well as discarded pop cans and water bottles.

Michel Le Page, CAW environmental committee member at the Brampton Assembly Plant, said volunteers worked hard to clean up the creek in an effort to ensure wildlife like the family of Mallard Ducks swimming near where volunteers worked would continue to thrive, while at the same time people could enjoy a more pristine environment. 

He said volunteers are already gearing up to return for next year's clean up.

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