CAW Members Speak out Against Homophobic Ad

October 1, 2009, 11:04 AM EST

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After being flooded with complaints about a proposed homophobic television commercial, Canadian sandwich chain Mr. Sub responded responsibly by not only cancelling the commercial, but terminating its relationship with the advertising agency that created the offending ad.

The commercial was circulating on the internet and was intended for television.

In the commercial a man in business attire is sitting around the dining room table with his family, including a number of children and his wife. Over dinner he cheerfully announces that he's gay. Upon questioning by a grimacing young girl who is presumably his daughter: "You mean like gay, gay?" he responds patting her on the head affectionately: "Like super, super gay."

Then comes the message of the commercial: "no-one likes surprises." Well, Mr. Sub soon learned that no-one likes homophobic advertising or commercials that poke fun at marginalized groups to sell a product either. 

Congratulations to CAW members who took the initiative to voice their concern over this damaging and ultimately hurtful ad. A great big congratulations to CAW Local 707 member and Pride and Human Rights Committee Chairperson Billy O'Neill for spearheading the effort.


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