Innovation Needed in Times of Crisis, PQ Leader Says

August 25, 2009, 1:49 PM EST

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We must prioritize buying domestically and give much needed support to local producers and manufacturers, Parti-Québécois Leader Pauline Marois says.

Governments must be innovative in times of crisis and a government program promoting domestic purchasing would go a long way to boost the economy and curtail job loss, Marois told Convention delegates. Both the Stephen Harper federal government and the Jean Charest provincial government have failed to take the action needed to stem the impact of the crisis on families across Quebec and across Canada.

"It's necessary to be active and make the choice to protect and create jobs," said Marois. "The laisser-faire policies of both governments have brought on the results that we all know today."

In Quebec, few sectors have suffered from the economic crisis as much as the forestry sector, a major employer in the northern part of the province. She said forestry and related industries are in peril and the situation is growing worse by the day.

Marois also took the opportunity to address the issue of Quebec sovereignty, which she described as a plan for Quebec and Quebeckers, "not a plan against Canada and Canadians." 

Marois was elected leader of the PQ June 27, 2007 and became leader of the official opposition on December 8, 2008 bumping out right-wing ADQ leader Mario Dumont.

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