CSA TUCA General Secretary Tells Delegates 'We Will Overcome'

August 25, 2009, 10:35 AM EST

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Victor Báez Mosqueira, general secretary of the CSA-TUCA (Trade Union Confederation of the Americas) speaking vi video conference, began his speech from Paraguay over video by saying that the global economic crisis has affected countries all over the Americas and has increased poverty and social exclusion.

"It has cut workers' and socialists' rights, something we need to restore," said Báez Mosqueira.

He addressed the fact that the recession has given a way for the right wing to roll back policies that were well-established. Báez Mosqueira expressed to the delegates that Stephen Harper is living in the past and needs to play a more vital role in protecting the right of workers in Canada.

Báez Mosqueira spoke at length about the recent coup in Honduras. Prior to the coup the democratically elected president José Manuel Zelaya Rosales implemented a 60 per cent increase in the minimum wage, alarming multi-national corporations but bringing about much needed aid for the working poor.

Báez Mosqueira criticized both Canada and the United States for not taking a stronger stand against the military coup. For workers in South America particularly in countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela where strong democratic governments have been elected, the military take over in Honduras must be stopped, he said.

The General Secretary told the delegates that the struggle ahead will be tough and it will take enormous commitment and hard work from workers in Canada and elsewhere.

"We shall over come, we know a better Canada and a better Honduras is possible because of the support of progressive labour organizations like the CAW and the CLC," said Báez Mosqueira.

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