Dignity for All: A Personal Experience With Poverty

July 29, 2009, 3:42 PM EST

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Every two weeks CONTACT will feature a personal story of someone who has or is currently living through poverty; this personal story is brought to us from the Dignity for All campaign by "Canada Without Poverty".

This week, meet Debbie D Frost, a single mother who has lived in and out of poverty for most of her adult life. She has three grown children ages 25, 31,33 as well two adopted children aged 12 and 14.

At 16 Debbie had her first child, after being kicked out of the house at 15 years of age. Raising her children was a real struggle. "My children suffered at the hands of my poverty stricken life. I would go hungry so my kids could eat." Through high school Debbie could barely afford a glass of milk, never mind a school fieldtrip. Her children would ask her questions like "what do we have to eat today Mom? Where are we going to live now?" In addition to all the turmoil Debbie went through, she also lived through several abusive relationships.

The Dignity for All campaign has the objective to create a poverty-free Canada by 2020. One of the main goals of the campaign is to insure that there is social inclusion along with house, food and income security. This would enable Debbie to have a voice without fear of repercussions and to be set free from abuse. The campaign would give Debbie a better quality of life, giving her the resources necessary to help herself and her children. "It would give my children the lessons needed to be productive adult citizens without being afraid to speak out." Debbie lives in Saskatchewan and supports what the Dignity for All campaign is trying to accomplish.

To get involved with or support the Dignity for all campaign please visit www.dignityforall.ca.


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