CAW Urges Jazz Air to Focus on Bargaining New Collective Agreements

July 29, 2009, 1:37 PM EST

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With Jazz recently confirmed as regional carrier for Air Canada until 2020, it's critical that Jazz now recognize the commitment and dedication of its workforce by bargaining new collective agreements, says Bob Orr, Assistant to the CAW President.

"Jazz has worked hard to be secured as regional carrier for Air Canada until 2020 and this airline now needs to make the same commitment to renewing collective agreements with the CAW and other unions that has made it a viable option for Air Canada in these tough economic times,' Orr said.

On July 28 Jazz Air announced it had extended the term of its contract with Air Canada until the end of 2020 as well as a commitment to start fleet renewal, among other items.

The CAW is currently in bargaining with Jazz. The union represents more than 2000 technical service, customer service agents, ground handlers and crew schedulers at Jazz.

Shirley Anderson-Mio, customer service agent bargaining chair, said CAW members have made a tremendous contribution to the success of Jazz. "It's time for Jazz to reward their dedicated workforce at the bargaining table in a way that acknowledges their important ongoing contribution to the airline."

Technical services unit chair John Murawesky said the new agreement between Jazz and Air Canada means a more stable outlook for the regional carrier. "Workers have played a key role in helping Jazz remain viable despite tough economic times and they deserve a new contract which will provide security and gains."


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