Meridian Information Picket Continues in Brantford, Ontario

July 16, 2009, 3:51 PM EST

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CAW Local 636 members continue to hold an information picket outside the Meridian Automotive Systems plant in Brantford, Ontario as they strive to ensure the company pays severance and termination pay.

Workers at the plant starting receiving layoff notices July 10, but have maintained the information picket after learning that Xerox, a customer of Meridian, was trying to remove equipment from the plant.

The plant is an injection molding facility that produces auto parts, but also does a significant amount of work for Xerox. CAW Local 636 represents about 90 workers at the facility.

CAW area director Steve Farkas said the membership is fighting to ensure they get the severance and termination pay they are legally owed. He said there were concerns the company was going to close during a scheduled shutdown without paying workers what they are owed.

"This is another example that highlights the pressing need for much stronger provincial legislation to ensure employers provide workers with the severance and termination pay they are rightfully owned," Farkas said. "In addition, in cases of bankruptcy, we need stronger federal legislation to protect workers and ensure they are at the top of the list of creditors."

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