Canadians Encouraged to Demand Compensation for Injured Workers

June 3, 2009, 10:35 AM EST

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Injured Workers' Day recognizes the day 26 years ago on June 1st, when thousands of workers gathered in Queen's Park to speak against the Ontario Government's proposal to abolish the permanent disability pension. In response to this protest, the government abandoned the proposal.

This was the 1st national Injured Workers Day which will now allow thousands to unite each year to protest for better benefits and compensation. "Every year we like to be in the face of our government and remind them of their duties," said Peter Page, president of The Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups.

Many workers are unaware of the dangers in their workplace. "Especially in a non-union setting we need to educate workers on their workplace," said Page. "A lot of the time they may not know their rights."

Throughout the country there are almost one million injured workers each year that are not being treated with the care, services and dignity that the compensation is intended to provide.

During the 1970's large numbers of men and women who suffered from injuries were compensated with nothing or a small amount of money which was not sufficient to support either them or their families.

The present economic disaster contributes yet another disability to the many injured workers who already have a tough time finding work and now face even longer wait periods for receiving compensation. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is continually giving in to the corporate demands, which in turn lowers the benefits of the workers even more, stated by the CLC.

"The CAW would like to see workers come together and demand better compensation", said Nick DeCarlo, national representative in the health and safety department.

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