CAW Celebrates National Nurses Week

May 11, 2009, 10:44 AM EST

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 In honour of national Nurses Week, CAW President Ken Lewenza commended the hundreds of thousands of health care workers across the country, who work each day to enhance and preserve the well-being of Canadians and who make up an essential part of our universal health care system.

Today he pledged his commitment on behalf of the 225,000 CAW members from coast to coast to coast to support nurses and other health care staff as they work to provide care with dignity and compassion, especially to the nations' aging population. 
"We recognize the risk of ever-present occupational disease and injuries as a challenge to nurses in providing quality care," said Lewenza in a statement on National Nurses Week. "They regularly face exposure to communicable diseases, chronic short-staffing, increasing patient acuity, and escalating situations of violence which have become all too common in our workplaces."

"Improving the working conditions for nurses will benefit everyone who is touched by our health care system. Collectively we will continue work to ensure nurses working in all health care settings have adequate levels of staff to provide care that is safe for both themselves and their patients," reads the statement.

To read the full statement on Nurses Week, please visit:

The CAW represents approximately 26,000 health care workers across the country.

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