Buy Canadian Policies a Must at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

April 22, 2009, 11:11 AM EST

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CAW Council delegates condemned the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) for giving away new Mercedes Benzes in a lottery promotion, at a time when the Canadian economy is reeling from the recession.

The 22 foreign-built cars used for the OLG promotional campaign drew fire from delegates who lined up at the mics, arguing in favour of Canadian-content policies to govern government purchases.

Government has a responsibility to ensure tax dollars are spent in Canada to stimulate the domestic economy and put Canadians to work, said Bob Chernecki, CAW Assistant to the President.

Delegates resolved to push for "Buy Canadian and Buy Union" collective bargaining clauses in upcoming rounds of negotiations between the union and provincial gaming authority.   

"The OLG exercised  bad judgment when deciding to use tax-payer dollars to purchase vehicles made off-shore, and it's critical the provincial government step in to hold this crown corporation accountable," said Chernecki.

Ontario Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman publicly decried the OLG's decision, and went as far as to indicate that a similar lapse in judgment would not be tolerated in the future. The Ontario government did not ask the OLG to reverse its decision.


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