Consequences of Trade Deficit Felt with Nemak Essex Aluminum Closure

February 13, 2009, 3:19 PM EST

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The city of Windsor has suffered another devastating blow with the closure of Nemak Essex Aluminum Plant this evening, said CAW Local 200 President Mike Vince, who represents the members at Nemak. The closure, announced November 2007, will put 392 people out of work in a city already ravaged by a 10.9 per cent unemployment rate.

CAW Local 200, which also represents workers at Ford, has seen a drop in membership from 6,300 in 2002 to 1,500 today and this has had a visibly negative impact on the community, said Vince.

"The swift decline in good auto jobs in this city corresponds directly with the drop in Canadian exported manufactured goods," said Vince. On Wednesday, Statistics Canada reported the country's first trade deficit in merchandise since 1976. In automotive trade, Canada posted a deficit in 2006, reporting a $7 billion deficit in 2007, with the country set to exceed $12 billion this year.

The Nemak Essex Aluminum Plant will go down to a crew of 120 people next week, 49 people the following week and then a skeleton crew of 32 people the week after who will decommission the plant.

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