Get Real! It's the Economy - Make It Work For Us

January 8, 2009, 3:39 PM EST

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The Canadian Labour Congress is promoting a detailed plan to stimulate the economy, to create and protect jobs, pensions and public services called Get Real! It's the Economy - make it work for us.

With working Canadians hard hit by the current economic crisis, with thousands of lost jobs and pensions under pressure, the CLC plan urges MPs and our federal government to "find solutions that help everybody, not just the banks and corporations that got us into this mess."

Here are some solutions the CLC is urging government to implement:

-         Increase Employment Insurance benefits. Workers have paid billions into EI, but benefits have been drastically reduced. The EI fund is running a huge surplus and must be used to improve access to benefits for unemployed workers;
-         Ensure workers have access to training and adjustment programs;
-         Launch a major public investment program to create good jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing and public services. Link this program to a Made-in-Canada procurement policy;
-         Provide a pension guarantee fund for workers' pensions. Phase in increases to the Canada and Quebec pension plans and immediately raise Old Age Security to protect retirees;
-         Invest in sector renewal strategies designed to save jobs and promote successful restructuring of hard hit industries such as auto and forest products. Support cultural industries, energy efficiency, renewable energy and other promising sectors.

The CLC is urging union members to take action. To read the full plan and find out how to get involved, visit:

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