Greater Protection for Temporary Workers Long Overdue, CAW Says

December 11, 2008, 10:49 AM EST

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The Ontario government's announcement of proposed legislation to strengthen the workplace rights of temporary workers is an important step forward for all workers, said Peggy Nash, assistant to the CAW President.

"The CAW is fighting hard to save and protect the jobs of our members who are suffering because of the crisis in the manufacturing and the auto sectors," said Nash. "But at the same time the exploitation of the growing number of temporary workers in Ontario and right across Canada must come to an end."

Under this new legislation, when passed, workers hired through temporary employment agencies will have the rights to full public holiday, termination and severance pay, and the removal of barriers to permanent work. There is no justification for treating this group of workers any differently under the law," Nash said.

"One of the keys to making real progress for the 700,000 temporary workers in Ontario is for the provincial government to follow through and hire more government inspectors to ensure temporary help agencies are abiding by the law," Nash said.

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