New Unemployment Numbers Evidence of Government Inaction, CAW President Says

December 5, 2008, 11:32 AM EST

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The unemployment numbers released today by Statistics Canada are the consequence of government inaction to deal with an economic crisis, said CAW President Ken Lewenza. Our federal government has consistently demonstrated that it is either unable or unwilling to deal with this severe economic downturn, he said.

"Tens of thousands of workers are losing their jobs each month and instead of coming forward with a comprehensive economic stimulus plan, Prime Minister Stephen Harper opts to suspend Parliament and empty the House of Commons during one of the country's most difficult times," said Lewenza.

Most of the 70,600 workers who lost their jobs in November were in Ontario, a province shaken by manufacturing job loss - with 42,000 manufacturing jobs lost. Meanwhile the total number of lost manufacturing jobs was 38,000 across the country.   

"Other nations around the globe are stepping forward with economic stimulus packages to help key industries survive this deep economic crisis," Lewenza said. "The CAW has been calling for government action to help manufacturing, forestry and other key industries for years since we first saw this crisis coming. Why have Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty refused to come forward with a response?"

Lewenza blasted the Harper Conservatives for this inaction during his speech to 1000 CAW Council delegates and staff this morning in Toronto.  He repeated his call for support of the Liberal - NDP coalition with Bloc Quebecois backing.

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