CAW Delegates Attend Ontario Health Care Assembly

November 12, 2008, 2:30 PM EST

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Twenty-five CAW delegates representing CAW locals 27, 229, 1285, 1106 and 2458, national staff, and the national Retiree's Executive attended the Ontario Health Coalition Annual Assembly on October 25 in Toronto.

The Ontario Health Coalition is a non-profit organization made up of community groups and unions that are united in the struggle to protect and enhance publicly funded, publicly administered, universal health care, and uphold the principles of the Canada Health Act. It serves as a watch-dog organization, speaking out against privatization, and promoting safe working conditions, including minimum standard staffing levels in long term care facilities.

CAW Ontario Health Care Council Chair, Shawn Rouse, reminded the delegates that our health care system should not be taken for granted. "Private consortiums are already making incredible profits in our health care system building P3 hospitals, operating nursing homes, and running more than 100 for-profit medical clinics across the country. It's more important than ever that we remain diligent and persistent in our fight to maintain public health care."

CAW National Executive Board member and Local 302 President Nancy McMurphy noted that the participation from the CAW has always been a driving force in the work of the coalition. "We are able to play a key role in promoting their work because of the diversity of our membership, and because of the recognition our union puts towards the importance of a health care system that provides health care for all. As health care workers, we know first hand that our system works best when for-profit corporations and their shareholders are not pulling the strings."

The coalition set priorities for the upcoming year that include exposing and fighting hospital cuts and further privatization, promoting adequate staffing levels in nursing homes, and furthering a campaign for a national pharmacare program. More information is available at the OHC web site at: All CAW members are encouraged to participate in local coalitions that are located in communities across the province.

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