Surge in Part-time Work Cannot Replace Full-time Jobs Lost, says CAW President

October 10, 2008, 10:30 AM EST

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The job growth figures released in the October 10 Labour Force Survey report bolstered by a massive increase in part-time work, are indicative of what CAW National President Ken Lewenza says is the new economy under the Stephen Harper Conservative government.

"This economy is represented by a surge in part-time jobs to the detriment of full-time employment, especially in the industrial sector," said Lewenza. "While the Conservative government may boast about job creation, these part-time jobs do little to replace the 167,000 family-supporting manufacturing jobs lost since they took office two and a half years ago."

The Labour Force Survey, which provides monthly updates and analysis on Canada's job market, reports that 107,000 new jobs were created in September. However, nine out of 10 jobs created are classified as part-time.

"Canadians cannot be expected to cobble together two or three part-time jobs just to make ends meet," said Lewenza. "For many of the 350,000 manufacturing workers who have lost their jobs since 2002, this is exactly what is happening."

Lewenza points out that part-time work in most sectors of the economy offers below average wages, few if any workplace pensions and benefits and little stability for workers.  "Increasingly what we are seeing is jobs that were formerly full-time positions such as in retail, hospitality and health care are being eroded into part-time jobs, with fewer benefits and lower wages," said Lewenza.  "This is a very disturbing trend for the economic health of this country and certainly isn't the legacy we would want to pass onto the next generation."

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