Ontario Ombudsman's Investigation into Long-Term Care

October 1, 2008, 12:19 PM EST

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CAW representatives have met with investigators from the Office of the Ontario Ombudsman regarding their investigation into the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's monitoring of long-term care facilities.

While details of all interviews are confidential, CAW Director of Health Care Katha Fortier reports that they effectively presented an overview of CAW members concerns with the compliance system, and recommended concrete solutions, including implementing a measurable standard of care for residents.

"There should be no doubt that the CAW supports the implementation of a minimum standard of care to support not only our members who work in this sector, but as well to enhance the lives of the vulnerable residents they care for," Fortier said.

Also attending the meeting were President of the CAW Ontario Health Care Council, Shawn Rouse; Bob Chernecki, assistant to the CAW President, and Corey Vermey, National Staff.  The Office of the Ombudsman, known as 'Ontario's Watchdog", encouraged all CAW members who would like to speak with investigators on the issue of compliance to call their office directly at 1-800-263-1830.  Their findings and recommendations are expected to be released in late November. 

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