Setting the Record Straight on Harper

September 23, 2008, 3:19 PM EST

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The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has released The Harper Record, a new 504-page book that provides a detailed critique of the Harper government's activities during their 32-month term in office.

The book's 47 chapters touch on the various economic, legislative, social and foreign policies that have defined the Conservative minority government's political agenda over the past years, and directly challenge Harper's approach to important issues such as the economy, diplomacy, national health and child care, climate change, and others.

At the onset of the book, editor Theresa Healy argues that Canadians have faced significant challenges because of the Harper government's largely anti-democratic approach to governance, citing its deep and unyielding commitment to free-market principles over and above democratic and multilateral institutions in Canada and abroad.

Jim Stanford, CAW economist and contributor to The Harper Record, highlights the Harper government's poor management of Canada's economy during one of its most turbulent times in history. Stanford argues the Conservative government has watched as Canada's economy has moved away from goods producing industries and instead become heavily reliant on natural resources exports, which is driving up the Canadian dollar and crippling jobs in export sectors such as manufacturing and tourism.

The Harper government "remains passive in the face of a historic restructuring that will limit our national economic prospects for generations to come," Stanford said.

The Harper Record is the latest in a series of publications that have looked at the social, legislative, economic and foreign policy records of Canadian federal governments.

The Harper Record is available to view on the CCPA website:

To read summary CAW fact sheets on Stephen Harper and the Conservative government's record, please visit the CAW Federal Election 2008 campaign page.

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