Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to attend courses?

For our one-week and 4-week programs, registration is through your local union. Each CAW local union / unit that has a PEL fund selects their own participants. Contact your local union President or Unit Chairperson for information on how to apply for consideration.

The Family Education Program is funded by the National Union. To apply, contact your local union.

Our 1-day schools are advertised on this web page and also through your local union. Everyone is welcome and there is no registration fee. Advance registration is required. For general inquiries about 1-day programs contact the Education Department at 1-800-268-5763.

How do I get an application form for a week-long (or longer) course?

Application forms for any of our week-long (and longer) PEL programs are available exclusively through your local union leadership.  Several times per year the National Education Department sends a package to Local Union Presidents including the course schedule and application forms for our PEL programs.  As all PEL application forms must be approved, and signed, by local union leadership, we do not make these available on-line.

How do local unions make their PEL selections?

Each unit has their own fund and that is their PEL budget - they need to decide how many people to send, and to which courses. Many local unions have a PEL Selection Committee comprised of a local union Executive Officer, the Chairperson of the bargaining unit, the Chair of the Education Committee and a 4-week PEL graduate. Consideration is generally given to applicants who the Selection Committee believes will be activists when they return (as evidenced by past attendance at union functions / community involvement / informal leadership skills / etc).  Click here for a sample Local Selection Process & Applicant Questionnaire.

How do courses get organized in my area?

On a regular basis the education department schedules planning meetings. At these meetings, and in cooperation with local union leadership and local union education activists, courses are scheduled for the upcoming year.

How do I make a local union request?

If you see a one-day course that is not scheduled in your area in the near future, but you think it would be well-attended by your members, please contact us.  We are pleased to arrange to send out our materials and cover the cost of lunch and a CAW Discussion Leader, if you can guarantee a minimum of 15 participants.  In the past we have supported local union requests on nearly all of our courses, and we can also run courses for area women's networks, local union executive boards, youth committees, etc. For more information or to make a request contact the Education Department at 1-800-268-5763.  A minimum of 6 weeks notice is required to arrange a seminar for your local.  Click here to for a downloadable copy of the CAW Education Programs leaflet, which will give you a complete list of the programs available.