A Moment of Truth for Canadian Labour - CAW/CEP Discussion Paper

January 26, 2012, 4:00 PM EST

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Talks between the CAW and CEP to create a new Canadian union are being explored. The national executive boards of both unions have recently endorsed these discussions and have unanimously approved a "Process Protocol" document, which sets out the terms of reference and a timeline for union representatives to explore issues related to the formation of a new union.

This New Union Discussion process, to develop and agree upon the main principles of a new Canadian union, builds on those principles laid out in the discussion paper "A Moment of Truth for Canadian Labour." The paper focuses on the goals of building greater collective bargaining strength, an organizing model for growth and activism, and more political influence for progressive social change.

Download a copy of A Moment of Truth for Canadian Labour.

- French

Download a copy of the Process Protocol.

- English

More information will be made available as the process continues. Please visit www.caw.ca for more information.

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