Occupy Movement Continues to Highlight Inequality

January 20, 2012, 2:10 PM EST

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The tents may down from St. James Park, but the Occupy movement in Toronto is continuing its work to highlight issues of inequality, corporate greed, and the need to build a new economy.

Occupy TO is sponsoring a series of public forums called "Occupy Talks."

The most recent event on Wednesday, January 18 featured CAW Economist Jim Stanford, author Linda McQuaig (who addressed the recent CAW Council meeting on her new book, The Trouble With Billionaires), former CAW Research Director Sam Gindin, and Nathan Okonta from York University. It was attended by almost 200 people, showing clearly that the spirit of Occupy is still vibrant.

The meeting also discussed the solidarity rally January 21 with the Electro-Motive workers in London, and other specific ideas to build stronger links between Occupiers and the labour movement.

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