Transgender Rights Bill: Take Action

December 12, 2011, 12:45 PM EST

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A bill has been reintroduced in the House of Commons to ensure greater protections for transgender people by NDP LGBT critic Randall Garrison.

The Private Members' Bill , An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression) will bring explicit protections for transgender people under the Canadian Human Rights Act and federal hate crimes legislation, to ensure protection from discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

An earlier private members' Bill C-389, which passed during the last Parliament after it was brought in by NDP MP Bill Siksay, had been awaiting Senate approval, when the federal election was called.

The CAW has been at the forefront in working towards dignity, respect and equality for all. Many of our collective agreements have explicit protections for transgender people but there is more to be done to ensure protections for transgender members in society and those in unorganized workplaces.

Transgender people face higher levels of discrimination and violence, increased rates of underemployment, and often are denied housing and access to medical services.

By contacting your MP and urging them to vote in favour of the bill, you can help bring about these long overdue protections.

The CAW is encouraging you to contact MPs who voted to support the previous Bill C-389, thank them for supporting progressive protections for transgender people and to ask them to support the re-introduced bill. It will also be important to contact the other MPs re-elected that did not support the previous bill and also newly elected MPs urging them to support Bill C-279, which was reintroduced on September 21.

Please click here to see the list of MPs that were re-elected and supported Bill C-389.

To find the name of your MP and party in your riding please go to this link:

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