We Make It Move

December 7, 2011, 10:00 AM EST

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A new CAW policy document called We Make It Move: A Vision for Sustainable Transportation was unanimously endorsed by CAW Council.

Delegate after delegate from transportation sector workplaces across the union went to the microphones to discuss the importance of the new vision outlined in the document, which was first endorsed at the CAW Transportation Conference in September.

Key issues such as climate change, the future of oil and the impact of globalization are rapidly changing how we move and the machinery that moves us, the document states.

"We need a made-in-Canada transportation system that is the most efficient, accessible, green and safe in the world," said CAW President Ken Lewenza. "To achieve this goal we must face the issues head on, put forth a vision for the future, propose real solutions, and work to build momentum across the union and within broader movements to win the change we need."

The paper outlines numerous concrete solutions to the problems we face, built upon four over-arching principles. It calls for Canada's transportation system to be:

- Environmentally sustainable: moving away from oil and toward sustainable energy;

- Recognized as a public good: The transportation needs of citizens and communities and the imperatives of sustainable economic development simply cannot be met by profit-driven private decision-making. Government must play a leading role;

- Made-in-Canada: Canada's transportation system must support local manufacturing, building to the highest environmental standards. "When public investments are made in urban transit, passenger rail, ships and aircraft we must ensure that there are buy-Canadian and domestic content rules."
- A place for good jobs: The building of a truly sustainable transportation system has enormous potential to create employment and the creation of good jobs with a fair standard of living, safe working conditions and a measure of security for workers and families. "Good jobs can only be ensured by enhancing workers' rights to organize and guaranteeing free collective bargaining."
Approximately 100,000 CAW members work in transportation and in manufacturing transportation equipment.

To read the new CAW transportation statement click here

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